Cuarteto SolTango

Cuarteto SolTango epitomizes the new generation of authentic tango, combining the luscious sound of a traditional orquesta with the verve that only chamber music can offer. Together, the four musicians interpret a wide diversity of classic tango styles of Lucio Demare, Osvaldo Fresedo and Aníbal Troilo right up to the Tango Nuevo of Astor Piazzolla and Osvaldo Pugliese in alluring arrangements by Martin Klett. 

Soon after it was founded in 2008, the quartet was invited to perform at the music festivals of Schleswig-Holstein and Oberstdorf, thereby launching their appearances in a series of outstanding classical venues. Since then, the four have played at a number of international festivals – most recently at the innovative Grachtenfestival in Amsterdam. They were part of the Blue Tango show in conjunction with the International Tango Festival Düsseldorf and the show Terra Tango at the Ghent Festival of Flanders. The four virtuosos have been acclaimed by dancers at international tango festivals in Hamburg, Oldenburg and Leipzig, including appearances with prestigious dance pairs such as Michelle & Joachim (Basel), Alejandra & Mariano (Madrid), Gastón & Moira (Buenos Aires) and Claudia & Matias (Berlin).

Upcoming concerts:

Cuarteto SolTango strives for to offer your audience a complete spectrum of the tango music history. This consist for 90% of music that has never been played in concert halls outside Buenos Aires, simply because most classical tango composers and artists are not known in the rest of the world except by tango dancers, who hear their music every time they visit a 'milonga'. 

For instance, when you take a look at the playlist below, there is probably only 1 track that you have heard before. This is because Astor Piazzolla was the only one who actively promoted his music outside Argentina. In the spectrum of tango music history, Astor Piazzolla would be the classical music equivalent of Igor Strawinksy, and Miguel Caló that of a late Mozart.

For each individual concert, depending on it's length, Cuarteto Soltango will create a unique narrative mix of tango music history, guaranteed to excite your audience!